Credit Bureau Terminals

American Teledata has been the only local supplier of Credit Bureau Accessing Equipment since its inception in 1978! We provide the business community in New Mexico with flexible purchase and lease plans on Credit Bureau Terminals. Because we understand the critical nature of this function to your business, in Albuquerque we provide 7 day per week service to our customers on this type of equipment.

American Teledata also leases credit terminals to customers outside New Mexico. We offer free technical support and next day preprogrammed equipment swap to our remote customers.

American Teledata offers a full line of equipment to access all three national data bases, Equifax, TRW, and Trans Union. Our goal is to provide reliable equipment that meets our customers needs for speed, paper handling, and price.


Microbilt 1000 with universal Prompting cartridge and acoustic coupler. $500.00 $30.00/mo.
Microbilt Model 3315 multi-bureau, 5 sign-on codes per bureau, concurrent processing up to 200 inquiries, 2400 bps, plain paper printer. $1195.00 $40.00/mo.

The following models are screen based and offer "fill in the blank" input, concurrent operation where you can be inputting an inquiry while another is printing, hot key for transmission, and multiple bureau access with one input.
American Teledata Credit System I Screen based system, concurrent processing, Multiple bureau access, plain paper printer, 2400 bps.

$1595.00 $52.00/mo.
American Teledata Credit System I/9600 Screen based system, concurrent processing, Multiple bureau access, faster plain paper printer, 9600 bps $1895.00 $68.00/mo.
American Teledata Credit System II/9600 Screen based system, concurrent processing, Multiple bureau access, plain paper, 9600 bps, Faster printer, decline letters, management reports. $2195.00 $75.00/mo.

The lease plans include all equipment maintenance and offer the ultimate in flexibility. Only ribbons and paper are not included. The purchase prices include a one year warranty covering all parts, labor, and transportation. Service is available after the warranty via service contracts or time and material repairs.

The prices are effective March 7, 1999 and are subject to change without notice.

The equipment is in stock and can be delivered quickly. The lease plans include all maintenance.

We have this equipment on display at our demo room in Albuquerque. Please come in for a "trial run" and see what equipment is right for your operation.