American Teledata sells and services Tally high speed line printers. Tally manufacturers printers from 450 lines per minute to the fastest line printer in the world at 1800 lines per minute! Tally's fleet of printers are well suited for heavy use in harsh environments and producing long, unattended print runs on single or multiple part forms. There is no other technology that offers more reliability or a lower cost per page. In addition, Tally's printer line includes graphics languages for the growing bar code market at no additional cost. Tally's printers also offer a full list of built in printer emulations such as, MT660, Epson FX, Proprinter XL, Printronix P600, DEC LG01, QMS, GPL, and PGL, which makes their printers versatile enough to be used in a wide range of applications.

Tally's medium duty serial dot matrix printers are also feature packed and reliable. The T2045 and T2060 model printers offer a variety of interfaces, 540 CPS and 720 CPS respectively, versatile forms handling, zero tear off, and single and dual paper paths.


Printer Model Speed
T2045 540 cps
T2060 720 cps
T6045 450 lpm
MT645-600 600 lpm
T6082 900 lpm
T6090 900 lpm
T6140 1400 lpm
T6180 1800 lpm

For more detailed information please contact us or Tally at their web page at http://www.tally.com